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Ultimate Guide for Content Optimization

There is a common joke in the S.E.O community.

And It goes like…

Where do you hide dead bodies?

And the answer is...

On the second page of google, because nobodies go there.

And this thing is quite true as well. Because being a Site Owner or an S.E.O Manager, you keep on working on a campaign for months trying to rank certain keywords.

And for no reason at all these keywords get stuck on the second page of google.

I wish I had some one-trick for all types of solutions, which I could tell you and all your problems get resolved.

But in reality, there could be more than one factor due to which you get stuck on the second page of google.

However, in this article, we will take the case of one of the most powerful Google ranking factors that is content optimization.

In the video above , I had not only gave you an on-screen tutorial through which you can optimize your content to its fullest potential. but I had also shared a story of a guy who hacks the entire ranking singles of google Just by applying this technique.

Now I will tell you how to apply the same technique on your content

My Two steps of Content Optimization

I do such kind of optimization in two steps

Mainly because being a site owner or an S.E.O Manager, my first preference is to serve my audience and then google.

What I am trying to say is that just by putting dummy text and keywords even all over even if I am able to rank a site.

It will not benefit my audience

The audience will only get benefit if I give value to them, and if that site ranks I will be able to cater lots of them.

Step-1: Manual Analysis

In manual analysis, just open up your page which you want to rank well in SERPs.

After that, open the first three ranking pages competing with you for a given keyword.

​Now asses your content quality and depth against the first three ranker.

If you find any additional information in their article which you haven't cover, Do add it to you web-page.

Step-2: Content Analysis By Tool

For content analysis and optimization through tool, i have covered all the step in detail in the video lesson above.

I am sure if you follow all the given steps in order, i will be be having any difficulty in optimizing you content perfectly.

Cheers and,

Rab Rakhan.


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