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About Digital Khanabadosh

Digital Khanabadosh is a resource run by me, i.e. M. Nadir Ali. Here I am going to teach you proven strategies for running an online business and optimizing it to a level at which you have complete freedom over your time and location.

And it could earn you a decent living.

M. Nadir Ali

Plus, I m on a mission.

"Over a period of one year I’m gonna train at least 1,000 individuals in digital marketing, and enable them to earn a minimum US$ 2,000 per month."

Who is M. Nadir Ali?


I’m a family guy in my mid thirties who learned about Digital Marketing because I had to. Like so many other people, I’m on my 'Plan B' career.

On this site, I share everything I've learnt about becoming a highly effective digital entrepreneur (without sacrificing your soul and every waking hour in the process).

Here are a few things about me:

Young Nadir Ali


I get into my first (family) business at the age of eighteen. 

In-fact two days prior to my 18th birthday.

WOOH! Its almost 20 years Now...


At the age of 25, I started my own marketing agency by the name of Hatchway Communications.


At the age of 30, I started my own broad-band venture by the name of Nextel Communication.


At the age of 32, I collaborated with the 3rd largest Bangladeshi tech firm. And form a Mobile Value Added Service Co by the name of Bill Communication Technologies.


An year after I develop my first Health and Fitness Blog as a side-kick project by the name of Daddyofsteel.com

Nadir Ali in 2019


After the successful monetization of my first website and taking it to US$ 2,000/ month level.

I Launch my first Amazon Affiliate website in an outdoor niche.

Nadir at kite beach


Once I sorted out a system for myself, I expanded it all out.

Now I Have a fleet of successful websites. Earning 1,000s of dollars through various business models.

What You Should Expect from This Site

nadir in 2012


This Website is Not My Business

If you're tired of online marketing gurus, success coaches and people who's only income is from teaching other people how to make an income, you're in the right place. Digital Khanabadosh is not my main business

Nadir in 2018


No Quick-and-Easy Shortcuts

In the online marketing space, everybody loves the quick win. The shortcut. The "growth hack". The truth is, chasing those shortcuts is a well-trodden path to failure. Here, we focus on building real entrepreneurial skills.

Nadir with his cycling group


Freedom > Money

For me, creating an online business isn't primarily about money. It's about freedom. You can easily become a slave to chasing ever-larger paychecks. What's the point in escaping the corporate rat race, only to join the startup rat race?

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