The Most Effective Way to Ditch Your Soul Sucking Job & Be Your Own Boss.

My Proven System to Build Your Online Empire.

Learn the power of Digital Marketing. To earn 1,000s of US dollars while working whenever you want and from wherever you want.

some of these feelings Might resonate with you...

I am a Sales Manager. My current job is consuming me (physically and emotionally). 

When I finished my MBA marking I never had thought this would be the way I would be executing all my knowledge and learned skills. Catching up with these unrealistic targets, unnecessary pressures, over commitments... All of it is draining me internally. Let alone family, I hardly find time to eat, breath, sleep and drive my body back to office (The Hell Zone).

I am a fresh Graduate. Due to current economic conditions, I can't even find a half-decent job to start my carrier. 

I have recently finished my bachelor's in civil engineering. After all those dreams and desires of building bridges, airports, and convention centers... Current crisis has made me very clear that I am only good as a front-desk customer-rep. Abba always used to say "Phar lo nahi to doodh ki dukan khulwa dun ga". Now I wish he really meant it. (F#@K Tabdeeli).

I am a Highly Educated Trophy Wife. Don't know what is holding me back, house chores or my husband's big ego. 

My utmost priority is well-being of my kids and hubby, and their future. And I am really proud of my husband how he is working his ass off to provide us all these comforts. But I can contribute a lot more than just cooking Qeema Karelay. I am educated and have so many ideas to earn more, help my family and feel fulfilled. I am a lot more than just perfect mom and wife. (I believe I can fly)

I am a student. Who wants to help his family to make both ends meet.

I don't want to go in details but my whole family is sacrificing a lot to afford my super expensive university degree. They all have set some super unrealistic expectations that the day I pass out, all of the things will turn around in a jiffy. I can't afford to fail them and can't stop to hate myself to put them in such a situation. Is there any way I can share their burden and get me out of this pressure cooker situation (Yeh Cill Kaisay Hota Hai Yarr!).

I am a beginner. I do realize the potential of online marketing but...

In light of all these YouTubers, Instagram and TikTok celebrities I have an idea that online marketing is the next big thing. But where to start from... blogging, vlogging, website or channel. What is SEO?, what is a thumbnail?, what is meta-description?... all this is so overwhelming and (Demagh ki Dahi).

I am next the Bill Gates . I am smart, I have ambitions and most importantly, I have a dream.

Well to make a million all it takes is to sell a $10 product to 300 people for 12 months. thanks to online media I can cut a lot of corners in marketing, customer acquisition and delivery cost. But baichoon kia? (Apna Time Aaiga).

If you’re feeling ANY of these, Don't worry my friend.

I can truly understand what you are going through

And Before I tell you how deal with it.

Hear are few of many who overcome these barriers and achieve this

M. Luqman

After testing bits of waters in freelance portals like Upwork and Fiverr. Luqman (from Lahore) seek the opportunity of how beast that thing could be. In 2016 he launched his personal blog in tech niche and was reviewing number of products. 

This site became such a big hit that it caught the eye of number S.E.O Gurus all over the world. Later he sold this for US$500,000 in 2017.

Key Information
  • Founded it in 2016
  • Sold it for US$ 500,000  in 2017.
  • Est. Earning US$18,000 to US$ 20,000 p.m

Brian Lam

After quitting his previous job at Gizmodo, Brian started a Personal blog site in September 2011 by name of

Where he gave buying recommendations for gadgets and other electronic devices.

Key Information
  • Founded in 2011
  • Sold it to Newyork times for US$ 30 Million in 2016.
  • Est. Earning US$500,000 to US$ 600,000 p.m

Syed Moiz Balkhi

Founder of popular WordPress plugins like Optin Monster & Monster Insight; 29 years, Syed Moiz Balkhi is originally from Karachi. Has been recognized as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under 30 by United Nations.

He created his first site i.e. in 2009 which now the largest free WordPress resource site.

Key Information
  • Founded in 2009.
  • Top 100 Entrepreneurs under 30 Award by United Nations.
  • Est. Earning US$20,000 to US$ 200,000 p.m

Perrin Carrell

After a few notable failures in content marketing, Perrin Carrell launched an affiliate site in the dog niche in 2015. 

After following all the required steps in the order, he was able to monetize his site within nine months and in a span of 18 months he was earning over 5 figure income from his venture before selling it of for better opportunities.

Key Information
  • Launched his Site in 2015.
  • Sold it for US$ 200,000  in 2017.
  • Est. Earning US$5,000 to US$ 8,000 p.m

M. Ismail

This young and energetic digital entrepreneur from Peshawar has truly mastered the art of affiliate marketing. Now he is running several such ventures and comfortably earning thousands of dollars per month.

Key Information
  • Get into blogging 2011
  • Founded in 2015
  • Est. Earning US$3,000 to US$ 4,000 p.m

Digital Business Mastery

A complete step-by-step training course for building highly profitable online business from the ground up.

And this is my answer to all your worrisome situations.

A step by step tutorial guide to start and structure your first website and grow into your first legitimate and profitable online business. Yes, with limited skills and resources.
And that's not it. I am also giving away my complete automation system. 

So you will have the complete liberty built at least 10 of them (and that's what I did), or enjoy the sunset over your beach chair while sipping pena-colada.

My Proven System to Build your Online Business! 

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

These step by step tutorials cover each and every step you need to take for the next few months. And also warns you of every potential pitfall which could possibly waste your time and efforts. Therefore, despite all my efforts to make this course as concise as possible, Digital Business Mastery still comprises of;

70+ Video Tutorials
Real-life Case-studies
Copy & Paste Temples
Assessments & To do Lists
Active Community
Live Training Session
For Premium Members
1 on 1 Consultation Sessions


This is 'NOT' any quick money making scheme

These days online space is filled with con-men who sell false dreams of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Private jets to rip you off.

Unfortunately, they do get undue attention and at the end, they are the only one who makes shit load of money, not their students.

So if you are here to know some trick through which you can become next Sanjay Singhania in no time and effort, then sorry you at the wrong platform.

To elaborate is further;

  • This is not an investment plan on which can get fixed and juicy returns without doing any effort.
  • This isn't any sort of M.L.M or a Pyramid Scheme in which you can 10x or 100x your investment after completion of a certain buying cycle.
  • This is not any sort of spammy C.P.C campaign on which you can make a few bucks just by clicking or viewing some ads.

This course is all about launching an actual online business with all the realistic uncertainties that real businesses posses.

But due to certain market factors, some businesses have great potential in certain time frames.

And this decade is of digitization, so you will observe lots of tailwind in your favor.


This is a proven system to run, earn & automate a legitimate Online-business in this new age.

And like any other business to thrive in, you need to master and manage lots on new skills like;

Market Research

If you choose the wrong market, your site will be guaranteed to fail. This first stage is the single most important part of any authority site, and the one that most people get wrong.

Keyword Research

Picking the right tool is just the first step. How to use it effectively to uncover the right kinds of keywords is a whole other question. If you are guessing at any point, you aren’t doing it properly.

Tech Site Setup

There are millions of tools, plugins and themes nowadays. With so many to choose from, it’s difficult to choose the right one. Slow, clunky and out of date technology will kill your rankings.

Design & Branding

Getting hung up on your fonts? Not keen on your color scheme? What should be a quick decision can slow you down. The worst part? Designing a great looking site is easier than you think.

Content Creation

It’s not as simple as just writing about a topic. Your content needs to be appealing to both your readers and Google. Most people waste a huge amount of time writing content destined to fail.

Link Building

Even if you’ve got this far, your site won’t rank without links. It’s no secret, link building is hard. Scaling true white hat link building is even more difficult. There are severe penalties for doing it wrong.

Hiring & Outsourcing

You don’t want to be doing all the work yourself forever. Hiring the right people online is tricky. Outsourcing, if done incorrectly, can be a costly mistake for any authority site.


This is why you’re doing this in the first place, right? To make money. We’re always amazed by how many authority sites neglect proven monetization strategies which are easy to implement.


And once all this is done taking a back seat is the most difficult yet crucial step any businessmen should take to grow further. You will also get a complete automation guide through which you can run your business on autopilot and seek for other opportunities in this digital spectrum.

life is full of uncertainties. What if (for some odd reasons) everything went wrong?

Just for the sake of argument, let's assume you couldn't get the desired results (which is highly unlikely). Let's say you somehow deleted your entire website (which is again, highly unlikely). As some wise man once said, "life is a B!T@#".

Even then, through this course, you will develop some highly crucial and most in demands skills in digital marketing. which will enable you to earn thousands of dollars even as a freelancer. As these are the same steps and protocols which all of the leading marketing agencies in the world are following including mine :P.


Content Writing Skills

If you have spent some time in the world of digital marketing, you might have heard of a term; 'Content is the King'. And quite rightly so, because the number zeros in your monthly payouts are directly dependent on the quality of content your site is publishing. Therefore in this course, we have given sufficient emphasis on this topic alone.

I have not only provided ready to use copy paste content templates through which you can enhance the quality of your content in just a few hours. But also have briefed the precise drills and tricks. Which are once mastered, you can not only improve the content quality of your site drastically but also be skilled enough to charge up to $4k -$5k per month.


Web Development & Design Skills

Well, it is a harsh reality. Whenever we want to buy stuff we want excellent service and expect that the seller has the required experience. In the same manner, the moment your visitor could sniff that you are new to this game, boom... your perceived credibility is gone.


Therefore your web designs and layouts have to be perfect and have to look professional from day one.
Most of you might know that I am also running a design house for the last eleven years. And in this course, I will also share all my trade secrets which will make all your designs second to none.

Not only this you would also be able to render your design services to other site owners and earn thousands of dollars.


SEO Skills

'Jungle Mai Mor Naacha Kis Ne Daikha.'
As an online entrepreneur, your site may have great content and it may be promoting fabulous products and services. You may have the perfect Webdesign and layouts.

But what's good for are these if you don't have any visitors to your website /your business.

There is a reason why S.E.O is a multi-billion dollar industry and still in the growing phase. Any skilled S.E.O usually charge up to $4k to $10k for their services. In this course, you will not only be provided with a bulletproof S.E.O strategy that will not only skyrocket your growth in google rankings but you can replicate the teachings to your customers and easily charge them thousands of dollars per month.


Marketing Skills

Even if all the above-mentioned skills are mastered as an online entrepreneur if you haven't mastered your 'Art of selling Your Manjan' you won't be earning up to the true potential of your online business.

Good knowledge of customer life cycle, hot and cold visitor, optimizing your CTR, marketing funnels and all other such stuff are things which makes difference from an average business and multi-million ventures.

Having a Ph.D. in marketing along with 17 years of on-ground experience this course will equip you with each and every weapon required for your marketing arsenal.

Here’s what people are saying about the course

Bilal Hassan

Business Owner

this is one of the best out there...

Nadir’s Digital Business Mastery is an easy to understand, but seriously in-depth course.
The videos are short, easy to digest & packed full of useful, actionable information. Whether you’re brand new or an expert you’ll get something out of it.

Omais Altaf

VP Investments

Highly recommended for any serious marketer!

It's organized, easy to follow, and laid out in a step-by-step format that makes it super actionable. You simply open up the templates, click play, and watch over the screen.

Farooq Ahmed

SEO Manager

by far the best course out there...

I've read pretty much read every book, blog post and done every course on SEO, and I can honestly say hands down that Nadir's course is by far the best course out there.

Here is what You Will Get in the Course

Through this systematic approach and module wise division, You would be able to take all the necessary and strategic decisions about your business in the given order.

And give yourself an unmatched competitive advantage.


Module 1: Introduction

Learn the  basics of how web sites make money. The most efficient way to start generating revenue with limited time and resources and the exact business models you should use.


Module 2: Ideation

Create a bulletproof plan for your website. We will first do market research together to find the best niche possible, then dive into keyword research.


Module 3: Foundation

Learn through a proven system of how to create a perfect brand identity along with a step by step site setup guide. Even if you no experience or technical knowledge, you can just watch me do it on the demo site, and then copy exactly what I did.


Module 4: Content Creation

We’ll show you how to create content and give you the exact blog post templates to follow for your site. We will also show you how to outsource the production.


Module 5: Traffic Generation

If there is no traffic there are no customers, and if there are no customers there is no business. In fact, all of this will turn into a quite expensive and extensive hobby. In this module, you will be able to learn all about generating massive online traffic for your business through all available channels. I.e. Organic, Social and Paid traffic.


Module 6: Business Models

For any successful business to thrive you need to have more than one revenue stream through multiple business models. This module will cover all highly profitable online business models and how you can stack them on each other over time.


Because I am not here just to sell you a course

A structured course is just an effective medium, not the final objective. My ultimate objective is to enable you to earn 4-figure monthly income (in US Dollars) through your online business.

And to reach that milestone and for those who are really serious about putting an effort, I am willing to go an extra mile .

Bonus 1

Private Master-Mind Group

Over the year I have spent in digital marketing, the one thing I have learned the hard way is that the rate of your online success is highly dependent on supportive community. 

For the same reason, when it comes to the success of my students I don't want to take any chances. In this mastermind group you can mingle with like-minded people who share the same objective and have followed a similar path. Here you guys can freely share your ideas, seek help and even collaborate.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Imagine a Powerhouse group of hundreds of millionaires who dominate millions of monthly just have to plan accordingly and the sky is the limit.

Bonus 2

Bi-Weekly Live Sessions

Yes, there are times when even simple instructions become quite impossible to follow. And I don't want you to get stuck at any point.

To make your journey to a thousand dollars per month business swift and steady, I will not only be delivering you a course but also be conducting live sessions frequently.

In these sessions, I will be assessing your progress and fine-tune your processes for speedy progress.

Bonus 3

Ready To Use Copy-Paste Templates

You have to trust me when I say that there is a huge difference between knowing stuff and implementing it in actual.

Among these, there is a long hallway filled with demons like procrastination, lack of confidence, lack of skills, fear of failure and whatnot.

I have crossed that hallway number of times so I exactly know how every 5-minute task used to take 5 hours of my time.

But for you, each step of the process, I have built custom fill the blank templates so you never start any task in front of a blank document. Just open the links we provide you, watch, fill and get done. easy peazy.

Who Is Nadir?

Apart from having a Post Graduate Research Degree in Marketing here are few highlights about Nadir, which could easily sum up why he is the best teacher for this course.

  • 18+ years of academic education in Marketing. (Have published a research thesis on 'Service Quality Model for Service Assessment in Pakistan'.)
  • Established and running multiple businesses for the last 20 years. (In fact, 2 days before his 18th birthday he joined his Family Business)
  • Structuring and delivering various management and marketing courses for Top Business Schools of Pakistan for the last 7 Years.
  • Have over 5 years of hands-on experience in Digital Marketing in which he has developed multiple sites who are earnings US$1,000s on a monthly basis.

Still ghar mei takkey ki izzat nahi hai :P

what people are saying about Nadir

Muntazir Mehdi

Asst.Professor (Management)

Found him equally passionate about Marketing and Teaching both...

I got to know Nadir when he was conducting business courses at our University as a visiting Faculty. Found him equally passionate about Marketing and Teaching both.
Thought Digital side of things is not my domain but if it coming from Nadir I can confidently say that it must something spectacular.

Adeel Shareef

Sr. Training Manger

 he knows his stuff...

After having a few meetings with Nadir on Increasing our Organic Traffic, I could tell he knows his stuff. I picked up his course, and no regrets what-so-ever. There is a LOT of stuff to go through, and I mean a lot.

Atif Saleem

Marketing Specialist

knows how to give sustainable results...

I know Nadir back from the days of Unilever when he was looking, after our B.T.L Marketing Campaigns. I have always admired his problem solving and 'never say no' attitude. A true marketing genius who knows how to give sustainable results.

This Course Could Be Your Most Valuable Investment On Yourself

To be honest, I am not sharing any secrets with you guys. Digital marketing, online business and affiliate marketing are quite frequent search terms over internet. And you will get a ton of material on Google and YouTube about it for free.

But courses like these always give you a structured plan and a mentor-ship. That not only provides you individual attention but also ensures your steady growth. Normally, international authorities sell similar courses from a range of US$600 to US$2,000.

And to be fair some of these courses are really good. However, on this platform, you are not only getting a superior course at a very marginal price. But I am also spilling over all of my 5 years of experience which will save you from lots of potential pitfalls.

Plus, along with all the provided bonuses, it also ensures that you will have a very easy and smooth ride towards your success.

regular course



  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
Advanced course



  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • 30 minute private coaching call

Don’t wait! Look at what past students have to say about this course

Abdul Walli

Director Operations

It's just super simple, very detailed, and most importantly, extremely actionable.

Rukban Azeem


It's broken up into short 3-20 minute videos for the most part, so it's easy to follow along and do the same work on my 2nd monitor as he's doing it.

Bilal Ahmed

Sales Manager

“Brother, you're not charging enough for this course. It should be at least Rs.100,000/-.”

Frequently Asked Questions

I have no prior knowledge of online business/marketing, is this the right course for me?

I already have a blog/ website and some knowledge, is this course right for me?

How long it will take to complete this course?

Will I need to invest money in my online business?

How long do I have access to the course?

How much time should I dedicate to be successful?

How much money am I going to make after going through the course?

Can you provide one on one consultation and guide me on what to do?

What happens after I join this course?

Do you offer refunds?

regular course



  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
Advanced course



  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • 30 minute private coaching call

I Need You!

To be honest we are the bunch of privileged unfortunates. Who have the Sooji, ghee, shakkar, pistay & banadam. Yet no intention of making a perfect 'Sooji ka Halwa'.

And this pisses me off big time.

This course is just a way to channelizes the efforts of the most talented and highly energetic youth of Pakistan to earn 10 times more, not just for them themselves but for their country and society.

My ultimate object is to build an ecosystem through which Pakistan can become a world leader in the Digital economy.
And we can do it quite easily and very quickly. Like I've said we have all the required ingredients to do so. All we need is a few role models to follow.

and that is why I desperately need you To Be the One Whom others could follow.