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Amazon Associates Program Update: April 2020 (What Has Happened & What To Do?)

A Quick Review.

Hey Everyone,

On April 14th, 2020 all affiliates associated with amazon received a bombshell in their emails which somehow look like this.

And it was about amazon commission cuts. And not just ordinary, regular cuts. They were up to 80% in some of the most popular categories.

Purana Rate
Taza Rate

This means that e.g. if a site owner was earning around US$1,000 in March 2020, now he will be earning around US$200 to US$600. (Keeping all other things constant).

Before getting in the details here are my few quick responses. And after that, I will share my take on why this has happened and how to get out of this stronger and much more wealthier.

And Do Remember:


'guzaray waqton kay kisi mashoor dallal ne kaha tha'

Chaos is a ladder

Chaos is a ladder

My Quick Responses.

01, Is It Really Bad?

Yes, obviously it is quite worst mainly because the cuts are;

  1. Quite big (up to 80% in some categories)
  2. Quite instant (just on a week notice)
  3. Worst timed (due to pandemic and lock-down almost global business is at seize)

But, to be honest, it's now the end of the world this time will pass. And in the long term, agile marketers will keep on thriving.

02, Will I Keep Working As An Amazon Associate?

Yes, I will, even before this, I wasn't only relying on Amazon alone. All my sites are mix and match of different affiliate programs. I may tune-up that mix after this update though.

03, Will I Start New Amazon Affiliate Projects?

Oh, yes I will, even in the least commission category if I seek any opportunity there.
I will definitely go for it for 2 reasons

  1. The conversion rate of amazon is significantly higher than the other affiliate programs.
  2. Amazon is always the best starting ground for new sites to get registered, test the market and bootstrap your site.

04, Will I be advising beginners to start an amazon site?

Hell yes, get in ASAP, in fact, today if you can.

And you know you can, again for two reasons.

  1. It is the only platform that lets you in, with a brand new site.
  2. Whether we like it or not things will get further tough, (as they always have been)

So it is better to get established before some other update. after that, it will be much more difficult.

Now lets get to next part

How to turn this mess into an Opportunity.

Strategy#1:- Rank Better For Current keywords.

I could have just said that rank for more keywords.

But I don't want you to target any new keywords.

For that, it may require new content new links and that process may take months to rank.

However, through onsite optimization, you may easily rank up your existing position 5 to position 15 keywords in days.

In onsite optimization, you need to focus on.

  1. Content optimization
  2. Internal Link building
  3. Schema Mark-up
  4. Site Speed.

Strategy#2:- Sign Up For More Affiliate Programs.

Word of caution: don't switch your affiliate program abruptly. First, change a few links and assess your CTR.

Strategy#3:- Start building your mailing List.

Now its time to charge of your audience.

Build it and Market your expensive or high commission items through email. 

Strategy#4:- Create you Own Digital products.

You can get their ideas from platforms like clickbank & offervault. Find some popular digital product there which comes under your niche. 

and make a better version of it.

Strategy#5:- Join Different Ad-Networks.

Strategy#6:- Add Facebook Pixels For Re-targeting.

Your may get all the relevant information regarding this here:

I hope you guys find it helpful,

cheers &

Rab Rakhan.