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Congratulations! You Are Now Just a Step Away to Change Your Destiny

Please follow the steps below to complete the process:


Deposit Your Fee in Any Given Bank Accounts 

  • Bank Name: Silk Bank
  • Account Title: Muhammad Nadir Ali
  • IBAN: PK37-SAUD-0000-2320-0473-6756
  • Bank Name: Faysal Bank
  • Account Title: Muhammad Nadir Ali
  • IBAN: PK17-FAYS-0330-0460-0004-4274
  • Jazz Cash & Easy Paisa
  • Account Title: Muhammad Nadir Ali
  • CNIC #: 42201-4261050-5
  • Cell #: 0306-8251973


Fill and submit the attached form with Payment proof.

Please submit the required details in the form attached so we can process and create your login ID


Your Membership Details will emailed with in 24 hours after submission of your form. 

Once the admission form is submitted, the process of creating members id and granting the access of Exclusive Facebook group takes around 24 hours.

However to expedite the process you can always send an;

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